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The 4 methods we use

We know that kids who are have a strong will are the ones who achieve their goals. So we emphasize the mental training through physical exercise of karate...And here is how


1. “Teach to Learn” Method

To train with students who are different in size, age or experience is not easy. From years of experience, we have created “Teach to Learn” system to solve this problem. The students alternate coaching side and training side. After the students see somebody’s move, they have chance to share the advices with others. We use this  method  of cooperation many times in the class.



2. Assistant Instructor

Our Assistant Instructor who passed the test can lead beginning and  ending of the class. This system makes students great leaders without worrying about belt color, skill or experience. Now the students who has the motivation can lead other students. This system develops student’s confidence, responsibility and respect.

3. The Best Kata Club

Kata is the art of formalized moves designed to practice Karate with an imaginary opponent. In Kata, there are many specific details from the angle of toes to the direction that the eyes are looking. This strict training amazingly improves the student concentration. The Best Kata Club members are the ones who passed the most complicated and severe  test in front of Sensei and other students.





4. Family Seminar

Some karate techniques are too hard for younger kids to understand because of their comprehension. We used to have many students who got stuck with elementally mistakes and couldn’t move forward. We felt very sorry for them because our students do their best at class. If Senseis could teach one by one, it would be easy to clear up those troubles. Since Senseis cannot do this at the group lesson, we found the solution; Parents! At this seminar, we give parents tips how to fix your child’s specific problems. We believe that our students can grow so much more with both the  Sensei and Parents support!!