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We are a family owned and operated karate school located in Arlington Heights, IL. For 22 years, we have taught our students the importance of self-discipline and a strong work ethic. Our School is built on strong morals and respect to everyone and ourselves. Our classes have a large variety of all backgrounds and ages. From the youngest being 3 years old to seniors above 60, it doesn't matter what age or physical shape you are to participate in our classes! So don't hold back, and come join us for a great workout.
  • Little Karate (3 years)

Build kids' confidence with fun and interesting karate activity.
  • Pre-Karate (4 years)

We help develop the concentration of the students with focused training techniques.
  • Kids: Cougar Kids (5-7 years) / Tiger Kids (8-15 years)

Learn the basics of karate to obtain discipline, self control, and a strong body and mind.
  • Adults (15+ years)

Great for anyone who wants to become fit! A variety of workouts help you develop a healthy mind and body.
  • Family Class (5+ years)

Take class with family and friends. This is a healthy weekend activity for all ages.
  • Demo Team (5+ years)

Want to learn how to do cool tricks with nunchucks, sai, or kama? We even go to various schools and events and perform our awesome demo routine in front of others.

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All Japan Full-Contact Karate Champion - 1984, 1985, 1986
Two-time “No Holds Barred” Champion - 1986 




1973 (age 16):  Black belt in Kendo  - 1st Degree

1975 (age 18):  Black belt in Goju Karate – 1st Degree

1975 (age 18): Black belt in Judo – 1st Degree and continued up to hold 3rd Degree    

1980 (age 23): Black belt in Shidokan Karate – 1st Degree and continued up to hold 7th Degree



1977 (age 20):    Judo local title winner in Osaka, Japan

1979 (age 22):    Full Contact Open Karate (any style) local title winner Tokyo, Japan

1979 (age 22):    Two-time National Middle Weight Kickboxing winner (with knockouts in the first round in both competitions)

1982 (age 25):    National Full Contact Open Karate (any style karate) Championship winner in Tokyo, Japan

1984 (age 27):    National Full Contact Open Karate (any style karate) Championship winner in Tokyo, Japan

1986 (age 29):    National Overall Martial Arts (any style martial arts, e.g., wrestling, judo, etc.) Championship Full Contact Tournament winner in Tokyo, Japan




2009:    Black belt in Shidokan Karate  - 1st Degree

2004:    Sensei of Little, Pre-Karate, Youth and Demonstration Classes

1995:    Sensei of Japanese children class “Kazenoko Club”