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Little Karate: (3-4years)

This class is designed to introduce Karate to the little ones. We start from easy and fun exercise at the beginning. Once the students show their interest, we compliment them to move on. Then they concentrate to the activity to get more compliments. This is how we make their concentration stronger. When the children improve concentration, they start growing the confidence in their heart. This is the base of Discipline, Self-Control and “Never Give Up” spirit. What we are doing is simple. However, your child can gain so much benefit from this earliest stage karate class.

Pre-karate: (4-5years)

This class is designed to place more emphasis on the basic Karate techniques. In particular mental and physical skills become the cornerstones in progressing through the further levels of training. Even though the practice becomes more intense and demanding for preschoolers, they workout hard because our activities are fun! At the end of every class we always recite the “School Oath.” The purpose of the Oath is to make sure that our students remain great karate kids even outside of our school.

Cougar (kids): (5-7years)

In this class we use many different training methods like bag-work, sparring and Kata. Great volume of cardio exercise helps to develop strong muscles and endurance. During this class as well as others, we primarily emphasize safety. We request every student to wear property fitted protectors for light sparing practice. Also, we use “Teach to Learn” method in this class. The students are alternating between coaching and training each other. This is the best way to learn respect, corporation and self-control.

tiger (kids): (8+up)

In this class we train more practical techniques and “Never Give Up!”spirit. The practical training helps thier Self-Defense skills. Also, we inclease the cardio training level from the Cougar class. During this class, the students use “Teach to Learn” method often. They exchange  advice about how fix the week points and improve and provide their skills. This method works well for the students with difficult stage of age great balance in mental and physical ways.

Adult Class:

This class is not just about Karate. Shihan Matsumoto creates a very unique Martial Arts style from his over 40years experience. We do Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing, Thai style Kick-boxing, Jujitsu, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), and  weapons training. This workout is hard, however, you can still pace yourself through it. The variety of martial styles used in this class exercise all the joints and muscles in your body. This is a great work out to get in shape and improve stamina, too. The self-defense skills are based on Shihan Matsumoto’s 30 years fighting experience. They are very effective and practical. Our instructors give you proper directions for performing kicks, punches, take-downs, and ground fighting. The atmosphere of mutual respect allows students of all levels to train together.

Family Class: (5-adult)

Take class with family & friends together! This is a healthy weekend activity for all ages over 5 years old. Doing karate with parents can be the greatest motivation for children to punch stronger and kick higher. Parents can see your children working closer and understand how much effort they are making during the class.

Demo Team: (weapons)

This unique class offers many benefits to the participating members ; Weapon techniques like Nunchaku, Sai or Sword, Team work and Leadership. The team has experienced teens to the 1st grade beginners. After 9 months training for 30 minutes every Sunday morning, Sensei Etsuko orchestrates everybody’s performing for the super organized stage every year!