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We haven’t been around this long without a reason. Our karate family has been located in Arlington Heights for the past 25 years. A fit body, self-defense, empowerment, confidence, and discipline should never be reserved for just the karate community. When you start training with us, you can immediately start improving your health, mind, and body with the help of our experienced 30+ year instructors. 

At U.S. Shidokan Karate, we know how intimidating new exercise environments can be, so we MAKE SURE to cater to a wide variety of our community members. With safety as our main priority, we ensure that all levels of students have a class to best fits their needs. If you want you and your family to start partaking in empowering and confidence-building activities, U.S. Shidokan is just the place to do it. Here are just the top four reason why:

Reason #1: Life-Changing Confidence

Stepping outside your comfort zone and learning a new skill or drill is never easy. But if you are up for the challenge, then a shift in mental spirt WILL take place. You will begin to recognize that you are capable of SO much more. You will acquire a new found strength and empowering self-defense skills. As you continue on with our journey at U.S. Shidokan Karate, you and your family will develop newfound self-esteem. Kid or adult, there are limitless opportunities at our school. 

Reason #2: Fit Body & Boosting Fitness Levels

Regardless of if you haven’t been to the gym for the past 2 years or if you are an athlete that can run 15 miles, U.S. Shidokan Karate is guaranteed to boost your fitness level from the very first class. We know that the stress of life can get to all of us, so we made our training extremely unique. It focuses on overall body mobility to move your body like never before to exercise out life’s worries. Your focus will shift to our action-packed classes that are filled with learning the karate basics along with the more advanced technical moves. With so much excitement, our class will be over in a SNAP, and you will be guaranteed to have an endorphin rush! 

Reason 3: Shift in Discipline & Focus

Have you ever wanted your children to maintain a more razor-like focus? Or have you ever wanted to be more disciplined in your routine and be more consistent in your daily activities? If so, then you seriously do not need to look any further! Our classes and community will begin to instill a sense of accountability of your mental and fitness goals. We look beyond the classroom since we know that discipline and focus is the way to a successful life. We are here to help you crush your goals and turn them into milestones!

Reason #4: Strong sense of community & family 

If you are ever looking to join a supportive karate community that loves to encourage and help others to accomplish fitness and mental goals, you have reached JUST the place. We foster long-lasting, motivating connections that last for a lifetime. You’ll be having so much fun that the moment you know it, the class will be done in a snap. 

At our school, we will help you get to the next level of fit in a safe and monitored environment. We are confident that you will enjoy your time here! Our goal is to provide value to our community and we would love to have you be a part of that. Call 847-373-9257 or reach us on Facebook if you have any questions. 

See you all soon!

The US Shidokan Family

Yasunori & Etsuko Matsumoto, Founder
U.S. Shidokan Karate

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